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President’s Pen – November 2021

The time is coming for activity after activity. The weather may eventually get a little cooler but as for now cool mornings and warmer afternoons are a nice change. We had our October members meeting on Thursday, October 21. George Rusaw was our guest speaker. He gave up an update as to what is happening with the Habitat for Humanity Citrus Springs project. For those who were unable to attend things are moving in order. There are families applying for homes. The roads and water and sewer are going in. Building will start hopefully before January. This is a 15-year build. It will take 15 years for all the 500 homes to be built. If you have questions or concerns about this project call our office or stop by and we have pamphlets. (352)897-5009

We are looking forward to Christmas decorations and people entering the House Decorating Contest. The parade is scheduled for Sunday December 19. The route goes from the fountain area to Wesley Jones Park. The festivities begin at 2 PM. There will be activities at the park. Music, games, food and awards for the house decorating and the raffle basket winners. It is always lots of fun for all ages. If you have any questions call our office (352)897-5009 and leave a message we will call you back.

I have tried to get the message across to all our residents, homeowners and renters, that CITRUS SPRINGS IS A DEED RESTRICTED COMMUNITY. You need to realize, I and the Executive Board did not write the deed restrictions but we are charged with making sure residents follow the restrictions. It is not an easy job. We are a large community and yes, there are many people who feel they do not need to follow anything. The Civic Association tries to make our community safe, clean and valuable. The deed restrictions are not hard to live with. They do not tell you what color your house must be or that you cannot have a metal roof. They do however say to be kind to your neighbors by keeping your property neat, grass cut, garbage cans taken in after the garbage man has collected the refuse. Fences are for safety so please get a permit and put them at the back wall of your house which is required. The biggest problem we face is that residents have Recreational vehicles and they must be put on your property behind the front wall of the house. The boats and campers do not belong in the driveway or on the front yard, or on the easement by the road. This is not an acceptable place. Please contact the Association and fill out the permit for these vehicles. Please, place your vehicle where it belongs.

Our member’s meetings are open to the public please come and learn about what is going on in our community. The meeting for December will be held at 7 PM on Thursday, December 9th. The office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon from 1 to 5 PM and Tuesday and Friday from 9 to 1 PM. If you call, please leave a message slowly and repeat your telephone number so we can get back to you and address your concern. If you want to report something you feel is a deed violation, remember we do not expect you leave your name but an exact address of the problem property. I try to tell everyone the Association is here to make our community better.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving and may you enjoy God’s Blessing at this holiday season.