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To The Point

Requesting Ideas

By Roy Goyette

Well everyone, what do you think? Our inaugural issue of the Citrus Springs Villager hit your mailboxes last month. After countless hours of writing, designing and formatting by a talented group of folks we finally met one of the goals set by the Civic Association Board.

To keep the paper interesting and moving in the right direction, we need your assistance. If there are stories you wish to read, information you want to see, articles you wish to submit or If you have clear photographs of interest (people, places, groups or activities) taken within Citrus Springs, please send it in. Photos need to be sent in with a description (Names, places, event, date etc) as a JPEG attachment to

We are also opening the paper to a Letters to the Editor section.

There are some basic rules; Letters can be NO more than 200 words long. Absolutely no comments will be accepted about Federal issues and politics or anyone involved. No letters accepted about State and County issues unless there is a direct correlation to Citrus Springs. No personal attacks. All letters subject to editing for length or appropriate language. There is no guarantee of publication.

Let’s keep the column clean, respectful, to the point and most of all to bring useful, innovative ideas to light.

Are We There Yet?

The answer is YES.

The Citrus Springs Civic Association Board of Directors has been working diligently to find ways to reach the many property owners and residents of our great community. We have dramatically increased our use of email and Facebook notices over the past year, however, our efforts at being able to reach all residents have been much less than desired, until now. This fabulous new website is part of a comprensive effort designed to keep everyone in Citrus Springs informed and updated.

We are also proud to announce that we will be publishing  our own community newspaper, the “Citrus Springs Villager”. This new monthly paper will be delivered by mail to every active mailbox within the boundaries of Citrus Springs. Both the website and the newspaper will be kept loaded with great and timely information about our town. You will find an updated calendar of events each month, special reports on anything government wise pertaining to the town, notifications of all upcoming events, reports on past events and reports on anything else going on that may affect the community.

We will be reporting on all the many clubs, organizations, businesses and churches. You will be seeing reports from each of the Citrus Springs Directors, a message from the President and editorial content. Your letters to the editor will be considered for publication. Your ideas for stories, comments, suggestions are always welcome

Please let us know what you think by email,