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President’s Pen April 2021

As we look out and see the grass growing, we also see many new homes being built in Citrus Springs. These are a sign that our neighborhood will and is changing. We as good citizens need to remind all the new people why they chose Citrus Springs; quiet, clean, safe, nice homes and good place to live and raise a family or retire. These are basics we all enjoy but to keep our neighborhood that way we all need to abide by the deed restrictions. Ask the new neighbor did they receive a copy of the deed restrictions. If they answer no, then let them know there are copies available at the office, 1570 W. Citrus Springs Blvd. or online at  They are common sense items. If, however you have specific questions please call the office. Don’t just hang up if you get the answer machine please leave a message and how to contact you. The machine does not give us your phone number so please say the number at least three times. If you want to speak to someone in person you can visit the office on Monday or Wednesday afternoon from 1 – 5 PM. I will be glad to assist you with any questions.

Our meetings take place each month on the third Thursday at 7 PM. The meetings are open to residents. We try to listen to our residents with an open mind and then we discuss ideas. We have guest speakers talk on topics which relate to our community. If you are a speaker or know of a speaker please contact the office and let us know. The telephone number is (352)897-5009 Please leave a message someone will get back to you.

We are open for Bingo the second and fourth Sunday of each month now. The doors open at 12:30 PM and the  fun games begin at 1:30 PM. We are now offering cold sandwiches along with snacks. Each time we play we give out $1000 in prize money. Come check us out.

One of the biggest concerns residents in our community has is the shape of our roads. If you have a pothole near you, please call it in (352)527-7610. They county will come fill it in. Another way is also call Citrus County Engineering (352)527-5446 and ask when your road is going to be resurfaced. The more people call the faster we will get noticed and maybe things will start to be done. This is just a suggestion.

The roads are a favorite topic for me. Currently anyone purchasing gasoline in Citrus County pays $0.15 per gallon gas tax. This tax doesn’t go very far since it is for all types of transportation needs not just residential road resurfacing and repaving. You may not know but this is the highest amount a county can collect in a gasoline tax. People are driving less and less and now we are adding electric cars, no gasoline. The tax dollars are shrinking which means less will be there to pave roads. A thought which I think people need to consider is a referendum to add a ½ cent sales tax on purchases at the store. This tax would need to be specific and say it can only be used for Residential road resurfacing and repaving ONLY. It would need to be for a specific amount of time like 4 years only. If it were collected and then used our roads would begin to be repaired like they need to be. There must be a specific time constraint not open ended. If the citizens are happy with the results it can always be renewed for another 4 years. This would make the money go where it is needed and not to whatever pet project the county decides. The citizens have earmarked the funds for a specific area of need. Then it can only be spent on that need. Citizens need to think, a ½ cent for each dollar would only cost most people about $10 per year. If you spent $2 if would be a $0.01 additional to the cost. You already spend the additional tax if you shop in Marion County or Hernando County. Just something to consider.

Well, I hope everyone is staying healthy and had a wonderful Easter.  Watch for upcoming events as we begin fun activities again.