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Civic Association

The Presidents Pen

by Mike Cooper

In last month’s inaugural edition of the Citrus Springs Villager, I outlined a little bit of the history of the Citrus Springs Civic Association (CSCA), and highlighted a few of the events and activities we have brought to the community and some which are planned for the future. I want today to emphasize that this organization exists to serve all of the citizens and property owners of Citrus Springs. Pursuant to the original bylaws of the association adopted in 1976 the purposes of the CSCA were then and remain today as follows:
1. To promote the general welfare of the residents of Citrus Springs and to act in their behalf whenever feasible and appropriate.
2. To provide a public forum wherein residents may discuss matters of mutual interest and concern.
3. To facilitate the initiation and implementation of necessary or desirable community services and activities.
4. To provide for recognized official liaison and communication with officials of state and county government and with the Deltona Corporation or its successor.
5. To provide a means by which community organizations may cooperate and coordinate their activities.
Our goal is to help to make this a closer-knit community, where folks feel like they belong and feel that this is our shared home town.
Throughout most of the history of Citrus Springs there have been large numbers of people who actively participated in numerous community events and who also belonged to some of the more than 30 social and philanthropic organizations based here. In 2000 there were more than 800 members of the CSCA at a time when the population was much less than what it is now. Dozens of people volunteered their time and talents to help out at the many Association activities, dinners, theater productions, concerts, parades, numerous annual youth events, the list goes on and on. By all accounts folks had a ball getting to know and to like their neighbors by working together to help others and to make their community a better place to live. They were proud to call Citrus Springs their home and with good reason. The officers and Directors of the CSCA share that pride and enthusiasm for this community and our hope is that you will as well.
It is one of the greatest ironies of this so-called information age that with the explosion of nearly universal and astoundingly powerful tools of communication we are becoming more isolated and separated from our fellow citizens and neighbors. With the most amazing capacity to reach out and interact with people, to establish meaningful and beneficial relationships, we are becoming a nation of technology hermits, spending more time with our machines than with our human friends and neighbors, and becoming more and more isolated from human interaction.
Like most of you, who like me are baby boomers or a maybe a little beyond, I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone knew their neighbors, where people watched out for each other, where community projects drew almost everyone out to help. We had roots in that town, it meant something to us to be from there. It was a small, hole in the wall place, but it was our place and what made it special was the shared common experience of being a part of that place and time with our friends and neighbors. We never felt alone, isolated or anonymous.
I believe we can recapture that small-town sense of belonging and a shared sense of community spirit by getting out and getting to know one another. Our association can be the catalyst to make that possible.